My Zampotto

My Zampotto

My Zampotto is the Snack-Toy made with 100% organic ingredients with no added color and flavor

My Zampotto is a great educational Snack-Tony that that brings the dog and his owner together during the most constructive time: while playing
The shape has been carefully designed to allow a perfect grip for both dog and his owner.

Unlike all the other Toys, once you have finished playing with your dog, you can let it nibble on My Zampotto by himself because it is natural and 100% edible !!

All My Ciuffogatto Snacks are made with the same ingredients which are completely natural, organic and without palm oil or additives
The new My Ciuffogatto line gets rid of all the flavors and colors, in order to totally preserve naturalness. Our pets also love the genuine flavors offered by nature as much as we do


Taste: natural

Size: 12,5 x 10,4 cm

Weight: 118 g