My Cover Natural

My Cover Natural

My Cover Naturale is the practical cover for your dog’s snack-bone and is available in five sizes. You can choose the most suitable one for your beloved dog

Cover Naturale has been created to cover your My Ciuffogatto Bone and serves as a safe and clean container for it to be stored in once your dog has finished playing. Once your dog has chewed the bone completely, he can also play with the cover, as it is also made with the same natural ingredients as the bone. You can enjoy two toys instead of one.

Cover Naturale is made with 100% organic ingredients and without added flavoring, coloring, or palm oil in order to preserve complete naturalness.
After consistent research, we found that our pets absolutely love the natural flavor of our snacks just the way they are. They don’t even need additives to appreciate them


Taste: natural

Size: available in 5 different sizes, for each measure of bone